Knitting Skeletons: Computer-Aided Design Tool for Shaping and Patterning of Knitted Garments

Alexandre Kaspar, Liane Makatura and Wojciech Matusik
Examples of customized garments using our system

Samples of knitted garments designed and customized with our tool, and fabricated on a wholegarment industrial knitting machine. (A) Various garment prototypes on a 12 inch mannequin; (B) a glove with lace patterns on its palms; (C) an infinity scarf with noisy lace patterns; and (D) a sock with a ribbed cuff.


This work presents a novel system for simple garment composition and surface patterning which aims to allow anyone to design customized knitted garments. Our tool combines ideas from CAD software and image editing: it allows the composition of (1) new parametric knitted primitives, and (2) stitch pattern layers with different resampling behaviours. The underlying course-based representation enables complex customization with automated layout and real-time patterning feedback. We show a variety of garments and patterns created with our tool, as well as our ability to transfer shape and pattern customizations across users. Finally, we make our design tool available to stimulate research in computational knitting.


In submission. Coming soon.

Supplementary Video


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